The Humanmade Mission

Humanmade is San Francisco's first non-profit community-based training, manufacturing, and prototyping facility that aims to democratize access to the tools of innovation to individuals of all walks of life.​ Under the leadership of experienced Bay Area makerspace leaders, and in partnership with key community organizations including SFMade, Humanmade is the first workforce development based makerspace that bring will bring an all new “learn-design-make-manufacture” model to San Francisco.

​Humanmade is a first of its kind makerspace, with an explicit mission around both workforce development and inclusion in the maker movement. Humanmade serves a diverse community of creators including: makers, artists, fabricators, inventors, architects, hackers, masterminds, and entrepreneurs. Humanmade aims to bring a more diverse community into the maker movement by including those with disabilities, individuals with low income, veterans, immigrants and people of color.

The Humanmade Team

Ryan Spurlock - Founder and Executive Director - Formerly the General Manager of TechShop San Francisco, Ryan assisted thousands of members as the Maker and DIY’er movement started to thrive. Ryan guided TechShop San Francisco’s product management, product development, and business development, while also nurturing an environment that celebrated a competitive market edge through innovation, community, and teamwork. As a long-time contributor and supporter of the maker movement, Ryan is passionate about creating a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable community.

Violet Riggs - Director of Operations and Community Engagement - Violet Riggs brings with her a wealth of experience in running makerspaces, developing startups from the ground up and building out small-scale rapid prototyping shops. Violet was previously working as a Product Designer for Seismic – a robotics startup which spun out of a DARPA project at Stanford Research Institute(SRI). Violet has a background in Industrial design, with a strong focus in both product and graphic design. As TechShop San Francisco's former Member Services Manager, Violet became the go-to person for any and all member needs.

Sarayah Rogers - Director of Business Development and Events - Sarayah Moore is an Events and Marketing Manager who has a passion for innovation, and a focus on social impact entrepreneurship. Coming to Humanmade from a position at Dolby Laboratories, Sarayah previously served as Events Coordinator for TechShop San Francisco where she worked with top-tier clients to execute innovative maker-based team-building events, tradeshows, and hackathons.