Donate To Humanmade Today

Leave your mark on the future of making, manufacturing and workforce development opportunities in San Francisco!

Monetary Donations

There are several ways to make a donation to Humanmade. Below you will find an email link for making general monetary donations to our cause. Donations will be used for operations, offsetting facility access costs or other facility related projects. If you wish to that your contributions be allocated to a particular purpose, please leave us a note in your email and we will get back in touch with you shortly. All donations over $250.00 will include a thank you letter that can be used for tax deduction purposes. Large donations will include a plaque on our donation wall. One time or monthly donations can be made online via credit card. If you would like to donate, send us an email to

Facility Access Fee Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring an individual's monthly access fees? Your monthly contribution can subsidize the cost for an individual to gain access to life changing skills and opportunities. To subsidize a individuals community access fees, simply sign-up for a months plan and enter “Donate” in the name field. We will take care of the rest..

Equipment Donations

If you have tools or equipment that you want to donate, please send a picture of the tools to We will review and get back to you about the proposed donation. Once approved we will arrange a pickup time for the equipment. If for some reason we do not have the need or space for the tool we will work with other local makerspaces and manufacturing initiatives to find a home from them or they may be salvaged for an even higher purpose. When donating equipment, include a suggested price that can be used for tax deduction. If you don't know what it's worth, then we can work with you to find an appraiser.

Services and Expertise

In kind donation of services and expertise are also accepted. If you have a skill or operational service that you would like to donate, send us an email to We will get back to you about your proposal.