• Our mission is to empower individuals in our community to become the next generation of inventors, designers, and makers by providing access to the best training, tools, and facilities.

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13,000 sq. feet of state-of-the-art equipment and space dedicated to training and making

Humanmade offers a wide-range of equipment including: a massive woodshop, a large metal shop/machine shop, CNC and manual mills, routers, lathes, an electronics lab, textiles area, 3D printers, professional grade laser cutters, and more.

  • Making for the Future

    Humanmade is the makerspace that empowers individuals with the skills to create a better future. Offering multiple types of training from entry-level to advanced, our mission is to provide life changing Workforce Development Certification programs, while also running a top notch makerspace.

    • Certification Programs

      4 to 8-week job training programs

    • Manufacturing Partners

      Custom training materials based on hiring needs

    • Industry Advisors

      Skills and knowledge for entry-level jobs

    • Bay Area Community

      Nurture and grow, no matter the circumstances


Humanmade Services

In an effort to advance our mission of engaging people in the act of making, Humanmade offers several makerspace-based services including: Team Building, on and offsite STEAM programming, and Managed Services for makerspaces.

  • build

    Team Building

    Bring people together in the spirit of collaborative making.

  • school

    STEAM Programming

    We encourage young makers to redefine the way they view the world.

  • business_center

    Managed Services

    Expert-level development and management for your makerspace.

  • Humanmade Community Member Access

    With industry standard, rapid prototyping, manufacturing tools, and software, Humanmande provides access to cutting edge, facilities, training, and experiences! By mastering maker-based skills through comprehensive instruction and mentoring from our expert staff, Humanmade can ensure you will have a safe, meaningful, and rewarding experience. Would you like to become part of a diverse community of like-minded, creative people who are changing the world?

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